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Anchor Tab
A small 1/2 inch tab that is glued into a notebook. They can be made by folding a 1/2” tab along one edge of a page and gluing it onto a notebook page to make it a permanent addition.  The glued paper becomes a hinged tab, or a simple, 1-Tab Notebook Foldable.                   
The form and shape of a project, study guide, report, or portfolio.
Independent Foldables®
Foldables made using one or more sheets of paperto form independent student work or projects that students can store easily, work on at their desks, andturn into a tool for evaluation.
Mountain of a Fold
Raised ridge of a fold, opposite the valley.
Notebook Foldables®
Foldables that are dependent upon a sheet of paper withina binder, spiral, or composition book to form the back ofthe Foldable
Publishing Center
A classroom library that stores graphic aids for student use. These aids can be stored in cake mix boxes. Students are encouraged to use these graphic publishing aids when writing in their journals, doing daily work, taking notes, researching information, presenting reports, ordeveloping projects. Often as part of an assignment, students can use publishing center graphics. For example, a report on the Civil War might require the inclusion of a map and a timeline.
Real World Print, or Environmental Printwords, phrases, idioms, paragraphs, colloquialisms, titles, names, labels,and other forms of print found in publications, on signs, or on the Internet.
To cut off the ridge of a fold.
A type of Notebook Foldable formed by gluing two or more anchor tabs together to form a multilayered activity.
Valley of a Fold
Indented part of a fold, under the mountain.
Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary®; kinesthetic flashcards based upon the etymology of two or more words, or the relationships between words—homonyms, antonyms, synonyms, acronyms, and more.