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Books by Dinah Zike
What began as a way to share her independent graphic organizers (not called Foldables until 2000) has evolved into a series of publications and manipulatives used by teachers everywhere. Newer titles explore notebooking techniques and envelope-based project formats.  
Classroom manipulatives, booklets, and displays to enhance early literacy and numeracy. Great for learning centers and stations. PreK-2 materials currently available. Available on our Early Childhood Website coming soon! 
Pre-printed packets of hands-on learning tools for visual and kinesthetic learners. Examples include Dinah Zike's Equivalency Flips and Dinah Zike's Foldable Fraction Clock.
Notebooking Central
This line of products was developed in response to educators who asked for Notebook Foldables that would provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory; duplicable front tabs that invite student responses on the back of the tab, under the tab, and on the notebook page surrounding the tab; and ideas for the use of Notebook Foldables with different content areas.
Concept-driven and word-based paper: these unique word walls and photo wallpaper immerse students in words and graphics to reinforce conceptual knowledge. Equally useful printed in color or black-and-white.
Packets with templates of photographs for science observations, inferences, and extensions. Add a high-interest, higher thinking level activity to your interactive notebooks. Coming Soon! 
Flashcards that manipulate words to focus on their structure, use, and meaning. Templates include terms as well as graphics and/or etymology.